Furniture needs to be alive. It needs to become conversation pieces. They need to be little commas of civility within the punctuation of panache. And that is exactly the basis when it comes to designing furniture at Sankara.

Since it was founded in the year 2000 in Jodhpur, Sankara has been at the forefront of bespoke designer furniture for the discerning. With a product range that includes handcrafted woodwork and metal work furniture, Sankara creates classy showstoppers, to make every room come alive.

This ethos can be seen in Sankara’s very own brand, C-Benchmade. This is a line of hand crafted and hand finished solid hardwood furniture distributed exclusively by Sarreid LTD., since October 2006. This series is distinguished by accents and hardware in hand cast solid bronze and iron, solid marble tops, subtle antiquing, and a selection of new hand rubbed wax finishes on solid hardwoods.

It is this level of craftsmanship that has helped Sankara gain recognition and accolades the world over. For this brand’s credo is creating furniture that is an investment that will always be appreciated. With its style quotient right down to the smallest detail. This has gained the company partnerships with world-class names like Ralph Lauren, Restoration Hardware, Williams-Sonoma, Four Hands, and Sarreid Ltd., to name a few.

Sankara is also collaborating with acclaimed Israeli product designer Hila Shamia, based in Tel Aviv. She has developed a series of interesting creations as wood casted products for which she has the copyright on her name. Sankara is working with her to produce range of furniture using her innovative technique. This will add to Sankara spine of style.

The man behind the Sankara brand and its ethos is Praveen Singh Daspan. An obsessive when it comes to furniture and fanatical about the quality of Sankara’s handcrafted pieces created in his 5 factories in Jodhpur city. This passion for perfection led him to Florence Italy, the cradle of fine art, where he studied ‘Furniture Restoration” & “Gold Leafing” from Bottega D’Arte, a handmade furniture company that is renowned the world over.

Praveen’s other passion is tennis. He is the key promotor of highly successful Annual Jodhpur Open Tennis tournament (Sardar Cup earlier) which is part of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) circuit.

So whether it’s furniture or tennis, for Praveen only one thing remains paramount, it’s game, set and match.